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Indonesian Islamic university bans students who wear burqas from graduating

Last update: 2018-03-09 10:34:22

Egypt’s election is coming soon. The real battle begins afterward, when the regime will seek to amend the constitution to extend presidential terms and abolish term limits, writes Michael Wahid Hanna on the Washington Post


No Dancing, No Swaying: Saudi Pop Concert Comes With Warning. The regulations for the March 30 concert by Tamer Hosny, a popular Egyptian singer, were issued by the kingdom’s entertainment authority and announced last Friday (the New York Times).


Indonesian Islamic university bans students who wear burqas from graduating. Institute cites fears over spread of radical ideology on campus for decision (the Independent).


How Tunisia's resilient Sufis have withstood hard-line Islamist attack. Puritanical Salafist Muslims have attacked Sufi shrines and communities across the Arab world in a campaign to spread their influence. But in Tunisia, where national history and identity are intimately intertwined with Sufism, the Salafis have been thwarted (the Christian Science Monitor).