Press Review - May 10, 2017

Last update: 2022-04-22 08:58:00

Indonesia's courts have opened the door to fear and religious extremism. By jailing the Jakarta governor Ahok for blasphemy, judges have sent a chilling message to moderates and non-Muslims (the Guardian) Meet Emmanuel Macron’s Man on Terrorism, Professor Gilles Kepel. The professor Marine Le Pen loathes and the jihadists want to kill hopes that France can break out of the cycle of fear and hate promoted by both ISIS and xenophobic populists, writes writes the Daily Beast. Emmanuel Macron has a history buff’s view of Islam and religious strife. France’s new president is less stringent about secularism than some of his compatriots, according to the Economist (Paywall). Prospective Terrorism Jurors Said Muslims ‘Look Innocent but They’re Not’. Shocking transcripts from a New York City trial raise the question of whether terrorism suspects can get a fair trial when they are accused of attacking the Big Apple, writes the Daily Beast.