Last update: 2022-04-22 09:53:46

Iran could be winner, U.S. a loser from UAE-Qatar tensions. A rise in tension between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in a row over military flights threatens U.S. strategic interests in the Gulf and could benefit regional rival Iran (Reuters).


Winter's Tragic Effects on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. Of one million refugees registered in Lebanon, an estimated 250,000 Syrians live in tent camps across the country. A storm last week showed how helpless the refugees are when faced with freezing conditions. The amount of money available to help them is shrinking (Voice of America).


Saudi Arabians are ready to embrace social change - but fear it may come at a cost. In the first of a three-part series. The Independent finds long overdue social reforms being ushered into a kingdom also readying for economic hardship.


Rise of kingdoms and the collapse of states. The revolutions, protests and bloody conflicts that swept through the Arab world since 2011 have managed to overthrow some Arab republics, while all the monarchies, or the kingdoms of the Gulf states, remained untouched. The question is: Why?, asks Mohammed Al Shaikh on the website of al-Arabiya, the Saudi TV channel.