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Iraq’s ethnic, religious groups fragmented as elections near

Press Review, 27 February 2018

Last update: 2018-02-27 11:23:18

How realistic are Libya's election plans? It seems obvious that Libya is not in a fit state to hold an election, but the international community seems determined to organise one anyway, writes the BBC North Africa Correspondent Rana Jawad.


Iraq’s ethnic, religious groups fragmented as elections near. Long beset by toxic divisions, Iraq seems to be growing even more fragmented ahead of national elections scheduled for May, with Iranian influence set to grow and the minority Sunnis seething as they fend for themselves in areas of the country shattered by the three-year war against the Islamic State group (Rudaw).


From fisherman to smuggler: How ocean pollution fuels Tunisian migration. Pollution, unemployment, and a sense of desperation are driving previously law-abiding fishermen in Tunisia to consider selling their boats to smugglers (the Christian Science Monitor).


Islamic Party's Secret Weapon in Tunisia Local Elections: A Jewish Candidate. In bid to attract liberal voters, Simon Salama will stand for the Ennahda party in municipal elections. Muslim party rejects criticism from religious circles (Haaretz).