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ISIS Is Selling Syria's Antiquities to the West

Press Review - June 1, 2017

ISIS Is Selling Syria's Antiquities to the West. Even as Islamic State is destroying antiquities in Syria, the militant group is also shipping them -- to intermediaries working with buyers in Europe and the U.S. A Wall Street Journal video reveal​s​ a pattern of plunder that takes priceless ​relics from the battlegrounds of Syria to art traders in the West.



A horrific attack in Afghanistan deepens Western dilemmas, writes the Economist. Germany agonises about repatriating refugees and America about sending more troops



Is Egypt bombing the right militants in Libya? Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was quick to launch air strikes on militants in Libya in response to a deadly attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt - but the attacks do not seem to be targeting those responsible (Reuters)