Press Review 07.03.18

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:55:11

Refugees fleeing ongoing violence of Syria's Daraa province receive aid at the Syrian border from the hands of Jordanians. The leaders and donors of the Jordanian campaign, launched in order to collect supplies, food, and clothing for families who have fled the towns of the southwestern rebel province, have taken upon themselves “the national duty to help their Syrian brothers and sisters at this time,” according to writers for Al-Jazeera.


Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, previously known for her open border immigration policy, calls for tightening of the border along the Austrian coast after attending a meeting of the Christian Democratic Union of Berlin on Monday, according to Katrin Bennhold and Melissa Eddy of The New York Times. Merkel’s move has been made strategically to save her government after interior minister Horst Seehofer demanded that Germany block immigrants without papers at the border.


Revolutionary figure Simone Veil, born in Nice in 1927, lived to see the best and worst of Europe's 20th century. Surviving Auswitchwitz, Veil went on to study law and become the first woman president of the European Parliament. Rachel Donadio of The Atlantic describes the scene that took place on Sunday in which people lined the streets of Paris to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Veil during her funerary procession.


Potential meetings between Presidents Trump and Putin to discuss peace in the Middle East set to begin with arrangements between U.S. Secretary of State and Russian Foreign Minister. Dmitry Maryasis for Al-Monitor predicts that advancemence can be made only if national leaders are willing to reach a cooperative compromise.