Khalid al-Jaber

Khalid al-Jaber

Prof. Khalid al-Jabr (Qalqilya, Occupied Territories, 1964, married with four children), after obtaining a BA at the University of Nablus, a MA and a PhD in Arabic Language and Literature at the Jordanian University, is now Associate Professor at the Petra University (Amman). He is the author of several monographs on modern Arabic literature (chiefly Mahmûd Darwîsh and contemporary poetry) and of critical editions of classical texts (ar-Râzî, at-Tijânî, Ibn al-Khatîb etc.). His researches deal also with semantics of texts and he has written an essay entitled Towards a contemporary understanding of the Kur’ân: essay on Sûrat al-a’là. He is the author of three collections of poems.

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