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Lebanese patriarch makes historic Saudi visit amid Hariri crisis


The US will rue its betrayal of the Kurds. I know of no other example of a great power abandoning one of its oldest allies for no apparent reason, writes Bernard-Henry Levy on the New Stateman


Gaddafi’s cousin is plotting a comeback of sorts from a Cairo apartment. Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam has emerged as the main spokesman for the family and tribe. He represents the hopes of Libyans who once had privileged lives (the Washington Post).


Lebanese patriarch makes historic Saudi visit amid Hariri crisis. Lebanon’s Christian Maronite Patriarch began a historic visit to Saudi Arabia on Monday under heightened scrutiny amid political tensions  (Reuters).


A Rare Sight: Christian Priest Visiting Saudi Arabia Openly Wears a Cross. Lebanese church leaders are in kingdom on groundbreaking trip. They’re due to meet rulers of strictly Islamic kingdom (Bloomberg).