Muhammad Jābir Al-Ansārī

Muhammad Jābir Al-Ansārī

A philosopher and a political thinker from Bahrein, he obtained a PhD in Modern and Contemporary Islamic Philosophy in 1979. In 1981 he moved to Paris, where he participated in the creation of the Institut du Monde Arabe (The Arab World Institute). In 1983, he moved back to Bahrain to become one of the founders of the Arabian Gulf University, where he taught Islamic studies. Since 1984 he has been Cultural and Scientific Advisor to the King of Bahrein. Among his publications are Tahawwulāt al-fikr wa’l-siyāsa fī al-sharq al-‘arabī [Transformation of Thought and Politics in the Arab East] (1980); Al-Fikr al-‘arabī wa-sirāʿ al-addād [Arab Thought and the Struggle of Opposites] (1996); Al-‘arab wa-l-siyāsa: ayn al-khalal? [Arabs and Politics: Where’s the Fault?] (1998).


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