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Muslims fearful as France goes to the polls

Press Review - May 5, 2017

'We don't want you here' - Muslims fearful as France prepares to vote. Marine Le Pen’s presence in the final round has pushed Islam and national identity to the top of the election agenda, writes the Guardian



This Sunday, May 7th, France will be voting in the second round of its Presidential elections. Many experts consider this election to be the most important election of the year as it could hold the future of Europe following the rise of populist waves across the world, and the victories of Brexit in the UK and Donald Trump in the United States, writes Morocco World News. The questions of immigration, terrorism and French identity.



As French elections loom, one town offers hints of what far-right rule would look like


In the hollowed-out industrial town of Hénin-Beaumont, one of Le Pen’s top deputies, Mayor Steeve Briois, upended expectations with his light touch on the culture war agenda that has long been the National Front’s central focus, writes the Washington Post



Algerians vote for new parliament in ballot marked by apathy. Algerian voters looked set to hand the ruling FLN and its allies another five-year mandate in a parliamentary election on Thursday overshadowed by low oil prices and concerns over the health of the country's elderly president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, writes Reuters.