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‘My Success Lies Only with Allah’

The official declaration of the an-Nahda movement on the official results of the elections of 26 October 2014 (published on 30 October 2014).

After the proclamation of the preliminary official results of the second democratic elections in Tunisia, the an-Nahda movement:



- Congratulates the people of Tunisia on their success in achieving the first and most important goal of the revolution, freedom, respect and the strengthening of their sovereignty through elections which constitute the crowning point of the stage of transition.



- Expresses its gratitude towards those who worked for a smooth functioning of these elections such as the independent High Court, the government, the army, national security, civil society, the supervisors and Tunisian and foreign observers.



- Warmly thanks all the Tunisians, women and men, who did their civic duty and took part in the elections; in the same way it greets all those who placed their trust in the lists of an-Nahda, the activist candidates of the movement and its members. Amongst these in particular we great the young people and women who marked themselves out by their spirit of readiness to help, creativity, discipline and responsibility, which conferred a prestigious image on the movement, which in its turn confirmed that it is a principal political force of the country which thanks to God the Almighty managed to obtain great results.



- Affirms the importance of the message that the Tunisian people addressed to all the political forces on the occasion of the elections and the lessons that the political forces have drawn from them.



- Has also perceived the worries concerning freedom, democracy and human rights, affirming that the an-Nahda movement, in cooperation with all the national forces, will continue to be their fundamental guarantor respecting the Constitution, democracy, rights and freedoms, the stability of the country and its security, commitment to a balanced and sustainable development, towards social justice and a continuity without relapses and without steps backwards.



- Observes that the elections of 26 October 2014 highlighted many irregularities, as many observers bore witness to, and invites the independent High Court for the elections and the competent bodies to take decisions in conformity with the law in a context of full transparency.



- Renews its respect for the regional and International institutions which have supported the experience of democratic transition in Tunisia and we make an appeal for greater cooperation in the pursuit of common interests in mutual respect.



- Renews, lastly, its commitment to give priority to the most important interests of the country, starting with the poorest, and affirms the need for Tunisia to achieve a broad national consensus and a political equilibrium that avoids hegemonic positions and prevarications. All of this in defence of the democratic pathway and for the rebirth of the country and its progress.



The Most High says: ‘I do not wish to oppose you by what I forbid you. I only desire to put things in order, as far as I can, and my success lies only with Allah’.