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Press Review

Old enmity tips Lebanon into new crisis

Press review, 30 January 2018

Last update: 2018-05-04 17:43:39

Sisi ally Moussa Mostafa Moussa comes forward to save Egypt poll from farce. A supporter of President Sisi yesterday announced an eleventh-hour attempt to contest presidential elections after all other opponents to the former military leader withdrew or were jailed (the Times).


Old enmity tips Lebanon into new crisis. An old enmity between the Lebanese president and the speaker of parliament is fuelling a political row that threatens to paralyze government and inflame sectarian tension before elections in May (Reuters).


In Blow to Saudi Plans, Yemen Allies Turn Guns on Each Other. Fighting in Aden may indicate Saudi, U.A.E. policy splits. Separatists demand Saudi-backed president dismiss government (Bloomberg).

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