Oriana Capezio

Oriana Capezio

Oriana Capezio is a researcher in Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. Her research focuses prevalently on Ancient Arabic poetry and metrics, and the Arabic literature of migration - adab al-mahjar. She is the author of many scholarly articles on these subjects and translations of poetic texts. Amongst her latest publications, Gli Arabi in America. La letteratura araba d'emigrazione nella rivista al-Funun(L'Orientale ed., 2015); La Metrica araba (Ca' Foscari ed., 2013); and the critical edition of the dīwān by ‘Urwa ibn al-Ward, Una voce nel deserto, (Ariele, 2011). She is the editor of Percorsi d’idee nel Mediterraneo(L’Harmattan, 2010).

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