Press Review 7.25.18

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:55:23

Millions of Pakistanis will vote in the country’s general elections today. “What happens in this South Asian country of nearly 200 million matters,” explain BBC reporters. “It is a nuclear-armed rival to India, a key developing economy, and one of the world’s largest Muslim majority nations.” Watch the short video here to learn 5 ‘things to know’ about the election.


After earlier stating it would not aid in a Franco-Russian initiative to provide support for Syria, the United Nations Officer for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of Syria agreed yesterday to support an initiative aimed at supplying medical aid to government controlled Ghouta. Macron views the aid delivery program as a first step to forming ties with Russia in order to bring about the end of the nearly seven-year-long Syrian civil war, writes John Irish for Reuters.


The US has admitted 49 Syrian refugees so far in the 2018 fiscal year, writes Deborah Amos for National Public Radio. Many are pointing to the overall decline in numbers as evidence of the nation’s suffering refugee resettlement programs. For example, the speed for processing refugees has slowed from hundreds of cases per week, to one per day. Amid this decrease and stalemate in numbers, local volunteers have pioneered programs to carry out resettlement work.


With his threats against Iran, is President Donald Trump taking a problem and turning it into a crisis? In what ways is the US President’s approach to Iran relations similar to how he has handled North Korea? Jarrett Blanc of Politico Magazine explains Trump’s role in the increasingly tense relationship between the US and Iran.