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‘I want that my life, my character, my actions speak for me and indicate that I am following Jesus Christ. Because of his desire, I will consider myself event to be more fortunate if – in this effort and struggle to help the needy, the poor, to help the persecuted and victimized Christians of Pakistan – Jesus Christ will accept the sacrifice of my life. I want to live for Christ and I want to die for Him.’ Such were the words of Shabhaz Bhatti, The Pakistani minorities minister shot dead in an ambush in the city of Islamabad, in an interview published in 2008 by Marcianum Press both in Italian and in English (Cristiani in Pakistan. Nelle prove la speranza. Christians in Pakistan. Where hope is tested), following the encounter between Bhatti and don Dino Pistolato, director of the Caritas organization in Venice. A co-founder and former director of APMA (All Pakistan Minorities Alliance), an organization representing Pakistan's marginalized communities and religious minorities, as a minister he continued to strive for equal dignity for all the Country's communities. He had recently intervened in the Asia Bibi case, proposing a revision of the blasphemy law.