Press Review 7.30.18

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:55:29

Charlie Savage covers the research trip he took into Syrian territory held by Syrian Democratic Forces in order to learn about the detention of captive ISIS fighters. The research hopes to lend to answering the question, “What should happen to them,” i.e. the fighters who have been captured by the Kurdish-led militia that is the primary ally of the US (the SDF).


Egyptian Court sentences 75 to death for role in the 2013 protests of President Mohammed Morsi’s removal. Amnesty International called the trail “grossly unfair” and a violation to the Egyptian constitution, according to BBC News.


Jibran Ahmed and Abdul Qadir Sediqi report on the US Taliban talks that were held last week in Doha. Sources for Reuters explain that talks arranged to discuss a possible cease-fire concluded with “very positive signals.”


Aaron David Miller and Richard Solosky give their opinion on Trump’s actions towards Iran to National Public Radio. Despite his threats made via Twitter, Trump asserts that he is not looking for war with Iran but is instead hoping to cut a deal. Miller and Solosky write that, “The flip-flop speaks volumes: The administration has no coherent policy toward Iran.”


Assad threatens Israel with moves towards Southern Syria after Israeli assistance in removal of the White Helmets enraged the regime. Israel wants Iranian forced, supportive of Assad, to withdraw from the region and has requested Russia’s help in moving the Iranian-backed Assad forces farther from the Israeli border. Writers for the Economist explain the ways in which the powerful nations are clashing in Syria in the recent article, “All Crazy on the Southern Front.”