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Prioritization of Local Poverty Among American Muslims

Press Review []

Press Review 6.14.2018

Last update: 2018-06-18 10:43:28

Law Professor and author Khaled A. Beydoun brings to attention the need to tackle the deep, structural causes of poverty among American Muslims in his New York Times piece. Boldly, he calls for policy solutions well beyond the individual giving so abundant during the month of Ramadan.


After 4-day-long nationwide protests in Jordan, King Abdullah accepts Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki’s resignation, replacing al-Mulki with Education Minister Omar Razzaz. Razzaz, upon entering office, settles riots by immediately pledging to withdraw the tumultuous tax law. Though Razzaz has settled the protests,he is still left to answer to the challenges of the unstable public debt in the nation, write Ghalith al-Omari and Ben Fisherman of The Washington Institute.  


Soumya Swaminathan, who is ranked No. 5 chess player in India, pulls out of Iranian tournament because of the Iran compulsory headscarf law. On Facebook she writes, "Under the present circumstances, the only way for me to protect my rights is not to go to Iran," as quoted in BBC News.


According to The Guardian, UN officials of the Security Council will meet on Thursday to hold urgent talks regarding the assault launched by the Saudi-led coalition on the Yemeni port city Hodeidah.


Greece is the only European country to maintain a divided legal system where both Islamic and Greek civil law still exist. Currently, citizens are running into problems with this bifurcated legal system, and officials are struggling to find balance. Yiorgos Kalantzis, general secretary for religion at the ministry of education, tells Al Jazeera that, “What we're trying to achieve, with respect towards a minority faith, is to allow the Muslim community to retain that which is important to it, without putting it outside the main context and direction of Greek society.”