Press Review June 9, 2017

Last update: 2022-04-22 08:57:50

Qatar "not prepared to change its foreign policy" - Foreign minister says Qatar has never experienced such hostility even from an enemy country (Al Jazeera) Syrian accused of working for ISIS news agency is arrested in Germany - The authorities in Germany announced on Thursday that they had arrested a 23-year-old Syrian who is suspected of working for the Islamic State’s news agency, which announces claims of responsibility for the group’s attacks, including the most recent ones in London and Tehran (The New York Times) Police make arrests, increase patrols as death toll climbs in Tehran attack - Police increased patrols in the streets and subway stations of Tehran on Thursday, a day after a pair of Islamic State attacks on the parliament and the tomb of Iran’s revolutionary leader. Iran's Intelligence Ministry confirmed that at least five of the eight male attackers had fought for Islamic State (Los Angeles Times)