Last update: 2022-04-22 09:53:43

Israel’s growing ties with former Arab foes. A number of recent reports have appeared to confirm one of the worst-kept secrets in the Middle East. In coordination with Egyptian authorities, Israel has for months been conducting clandestine airstrikes against jihadist groups operating in northern Sinai (the Washington Post).


The War in Yemen and the Making of a Chaos State. What future is there for the devastated country? (the Atlantic).


Qaddafi's Long Gone, But Libya's Oil Still Struggles. The point is to keep production from falling prey to theft and corruption (Bloomberg).


'Put your headscarves back on, we’re not in Riyadh now' - Saudi opens its doors to global tourism. As part of its ambitious programme of reforms, the kingdom will soon begin issuing traveller visas for the first time - opening up one of the last frontiers in global tourism (the Daily Telegraph - Paywall).