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The Saudi-Qatar Rivalry Reshaped the Middle East

Press Review - June 13, 2017

How the Saudi-Qatar Rivalry, Now Combusting, Reshaped the Middle East. In its decades-long search for autonomy from Saudi dominance, Qatar ignited a competition with its fellow Sunni monarchy that has come to a head in recent week (the New York Times - Paywall)



Ramadan 2017: Why are Tunisians Protesting for the Right not to Fast? The issue of fasting in Ramadan has arisen annually in the country since the 2011 revolution, but Sunday was the first time protesters had taken to the streets (Newsweek).



Migrants in limbo power Niger football club. As Africa's smuggling capital, a dusty city in central Niger has found its local football team boosted by an unexpected influx of new players: migrants in limbo awaiting passage to Europe (Daily Mail - AFP)