Sherif Younis

Sherif Younis

He is professor of modern and contemporary history at the Helwan University in Cairo. He is the author of numerous publications among which: Sayyid Qutb wa-l-usûliyya al-Islâmiyya (Sayyid Qutb and Islamic Fundamentalism, 1995); Nidâ’ al-sha‘b. Târîkh naqdî li-l-aydyûlûjiya al-nâsiriyya (The People’s Call. A Critical History of Nasserist Ideology, 2012) and Al-Bahth ‘an al-Khalâs. Azmat al-Dawla wa-l-Islâm wa-l-Hadâtha fî Misr (Searching for Salvation. The crisis of the State, Islam and Modernity in Egypt, 2014).

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