The ten most-read articles of 2017

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:34:28

Here’s a look back at our most-read stories of 2017. Enjoy the reading and Happy New Year.


Europe and Jihadism: is it Possible to “De-Radicalize”? - Bartolomeo Conti


Morocco: the Apostate no Longer Faces Death - Chiara Pellegrino


Christians in the Middle East: a Guide – Martino Diez


Why Salafis Have Anti-Sufi Attitudes – Joas Wagemakers


The Emirates, or the Gulf's “Little Sparta” – Cinzia Bianco


The Unpublished Text on Islam’s Reform – Salah Fadl


Conversation Among Scholars on the Origins of Extremism – Ridwan al-Sayyid


The Arabic Talent Show That Reawakens Poetry – Marina Eskandar


Is it all Wahhabism’s Fault? – Michele Brignone


Here’s why Lone Wolves Don’t Exist – Rolla Scolari