The text of Mons Louis Pelâtre’s preface to the book, Aziz Pavlus, the Turkish translation of the catechesis of Benedict XVI on Saint Paul

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:38:23

As wonderfully demonstrated the celebration of the Pauline Year 2008-2009 in Turkey, in particular in Tarsus in Cilicia, the Turks are proud to count Saint Paul among their ‘fellow citizens’. Despite the fact that there are no longer any Christians in Tarsus, the people in this city do not ignore the importance of the Apostle all over the world. The initiative of Oasis to publish in Turkish Benedict XVI’s catechesis is certainly opportune. In fact, all those who are directly or indirectly interested in Christianity appreciate the importance of this person to the point, sometimes, of exaggerating seeing him as the real founder in the place of Jesus. It is certain that without him the doctrine concerning Jesus Christ would be deprived of a great part of its content. The illuminating teaching of Pope Ratzinger clearly emphasizes the holiness and the theology of this man. I believe that the interest in this publication will go beyond just Christians. It will be an ecumenical gesture for other Christian confessions. I thank Oasis for having given us this precious gift.