The caliphate of al Baghdadî is based not only military force but also on the ability to attract and motivate Jihadists who are converging on the Middle East from all over the world.

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:37:23

There is a lot of talk of media power and propaganda of the IS. Here is an example, with translation, in the form of a hymn produced by Ajnad Media, a foundation created by the IS to promote Jihadist hymns. A life of humiliation? No, I am not content with it. My goal is a glorious death, Because with God’s help I am not afraid of fatal destiny, Because the servant will not be forever in the world. Death in the path of jihad Is a blessing that God bestows on whomsoever He wills. O path of jihad, here I am! For love of you I do not tire or sleep I will remain loyal to the pledge, However much the world may abandon or censure me, However much the enemies are able to seek to oppress me, I will remain steadfast whatever they do. Because, with God’s help, there is nothing better in life, and between the walls free men are oppressed. Be patient, servants of God, be patient, Because prayers at night are like arrows for you. In the East you have an army like lions And in Iraq it is an army full of passion. The victory of God will come, it is certain And the army of God has risen for religion.