Press Review, March 1 2018

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:54:09

Detained Migrants In Libya Have A Choice: Buy Your Way Out Or Be Sold Into Bondage. African migrants trying to get to Europe have been getting detained in Libya and sold into temporary slavery by gangs and militias. Some told their stories at a shelter in Tunisia after they escaped (NPR).


Saudi Prince's Big Military Revamp Means Billions to Business. After pursuing the men with the money, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has turned to defense (Bloomberg).


Why the war in Syria is hotting up. Islamic State has collapsed, but the fighting goes on (the Economist).


The Rise of Islamist Groups in Malaysia and Indonesia. The rise of Islamism in Malaysia and Indonesia could have severe consequences for the two states’ societies, political systems, and overall stability (Council on Foreign Relations).