Press Review 7.31.18

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:55:29

Writers for the Economist articulate the complexity of politics as it is intertwined with religion, writing, “When Americans in high places sound the trumpet for global religious liberty, a skeptical world often wonders whether their main concern is the freedom of their own particular brand of faith or liberty in purer sense, covering all manner of beliefs and non-beliefs.” Last week, the Trump administration convened a three day “Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom” meeting, leaving the public with a sense of hope.


As Italy takes an increasingly hard-liner approach to immigration, the country gains President Trump’s support. During the meeting between Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Trump took the opportunity to praise Conte on his efforts to, “end the immigration business,” explain Reuter’s staff.


On July 15th Turkey’s President Erdogan signed into legislation the creation of the Halal Accreditation Authority in an effort to grab a larger share of the market for halal food. Turkey’s aims are to make the Accreditation Authority the most authoritative body on the issue of halal in the Muslim world, according to Mehmet Cetingulec of Al-Monitor.


With shop signs in Arabic, Syrian food served in restaurants, and fashionable abayas and Arabic perfumes available in shops, the conservative Fatih district in Istanbul has been a place for Syrians to begin to rebuild, beginning in the earliest stages of the war. Read about current Turkey-Syrian border dynamics from Al Jazeera here.