Last update: 2022-04-22 09:34:29

Ouster of a brutal militia from Libya’s smuggling hub chokes off migrant flow. The Libyan city of Sabratha was one of North Africa’s largest smuggling hubs, a gateway for tens of thousands of migrants. But after street battles that drove out a young warlord’s militia, refugees disappeared from the beaches where hundreds of rickety boats once ferried them to Italy illegally.

 (the Washington Post).


Scores killed in Isis bombing of Kabul news agency and Shia centre. At least 41 people killed and 80 wounded in sectarian attack in Afghan capital that UN said deliberately targeted children (the Guardian).


Turkish police detain 29 Islamic State suspects in Ankara: agency. Turkish police detained 29 suspected Islamic State members in Ankara on Friday, state media said, in a fresh operation after arresting some 120 suspects across Turkey a day earlier as security is tightened ahead of the New Year (Reuters)