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Unlikely Alliances Challenge Erdoğan’s Re-election

Press Review []

Press Review 06.22.2018

Last update: 2018-06-22 15:23:49

Turkey is the world’s biggest jailor of journalists, according to The Guardian. Despite the lack of public media outlets for Turkish citizens to vocalize opposition of the Turkish government, Turkish voters are still finding ways to rally, challenging Erdoğan’s campaign for re-election.


Dany Bahar, Israeli and Venezuelan economist, and associate at the Harvard Center for International Development explains the cost-benefit ratio of accepting refugees. He theorizes that when the proper safety nets are employed, and the right protections and support are implemented, gains have potential to outweigh costs.


William Langewiesche of The Atlantic uses long-form journalism to tell the story of the United State’s heavy bombing campaign in the Libyan desert to defeat ISIS.


Online campaign “The Immigrant Solidarity Platform,” as explained by Al Monitor, currently brings together 14,000 Turkish women across the globe. The Facebook group began by Pinar Erbas Erdurmaz and Esra Iyidogan Pencereci was created in June of 2017 and quickly took off, offering the opportunity for Turkish women to voice and share their experiences living abroad.


Humanitarian groups in South Sudan, such as The South Sudan Civil Society Forum, a coalition of dozens of South Sudanese organizations, work tirelessly for peace amidst the backdrop of Civil War. Opposing leaders met for peace talks earlier this week, explains New York Times writer Megan Specia.