Press Review - May 15, 2017

Last update: 2022-04-22 08:57:58

Will Macron’s Presidency Affect Trade with the Middle East? Countries in the Middle East have a strong investment in France, with 380 Middle Eastern companies in operation there. Middle East investors also play a strong part in France, with the UAE as the biggest investor, providing for 34 percent of Middle Eastern financial involvement in the French market, writes Newsweek. The Kingmaker in Iran's Presidential Election. Why It Is Khatami—Not Khamenei—Whose Influence Matters Most (Foreign Affairs, Paywall) How American Special Operators Gradually Returned to Somalia. A U.S. soldier was killed in the country this month for the first time in more than two decades. What was he doing there? (the Atlantic) Three tales of Mogadishu: violence, a booming economy … and now famine Somalia’s capital is buzzing: estate agents thrive and it recently hosted a TedX conference. But Mogadishu is facing a fresh challenge as drought forces half a million people to seek aid (the Guardian).