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Working for Change: Syrian Women in Jordan

Press Review []

Press Review 6.18.2018

Last update: 2018-06-18 12:40:58

A three-day ceasefire in Afghanistan brought about widely welcomed peace, as both Taliban and Kabul regime celebrated the three-day celebration of Eid. This has been the first ceasefire that the Taliban has participated in since it’s regime was toppled in 2001 by U.S. forces, explains BBC News.


Ships carrying more than 600 migrants from Libya have reached Spain after supplied with aid, though ultimately turned away, from Malta and Italy. These ships carrying migrants highlight the recent need for Europe to forge solutions that result in the  treatment of refugees with dignity, says David Noguera, head of Doctors Without Borders in Spain to National Public Radio.


Although  Erdoğan remains the most powerful and popular politician in Turkey, Presidential contender Temel Karamollaoğlu is closing the gap in the race for Parliament, according to The Guardian. Karamollaoğlu, head of one of Turkey’s largest Islamist parties, calls for a popular vision of Turkey based on UK-style secularism.


Syrian refugee women work to make handbags, trays and bowls out of recycled materials in hopes of making a living in Jordan. The job provides a space for psychological rebuilding, where women have been able to form working communities outside the home, and perform work that brings pride, reports Paula Dear of Reuters.