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Angelo Scola – Giovanni Reale, Il valore dell’uomo

Angelo Scola – Giovanni Reale, Il valore dell’uomo, Bompiani, Milano 2007. Edited by Gianni Bernardi  

The two authors together analyse the condition of today's man, society, values, Christianity. While expressing some obvious concern and criticism, they also highlight a few positive aspects and promising outlooks. Moving from the analysis of the great global interpretations of reality which characterise modern man (religious fundamentalism, totalitarianism, atheism, nihilism, relativism) the two authors then clarify some aspects charged with anthropological and political significance (freedom and truth, suffering and death, democracy and pluralism) without forgetting the intimate connection with an authentic experience of faith, understood as a life lived with Jesus, who, to use Kierkegaard's words, is every man's contemporary. The anthropological implications of this contemporaneity are highlighted with pedagogical thoroughness.


One of the novelties of this book is indeed its pedagogical slant: the issue of education is presented as crucial for every social reality (family, school, society, Christian community, state..) which must consider the urgency to transmit those values which provide the younger generations with a true foundation, allowing them to exist.