Antonio Cuciniello

Antonio Cuciniello
Arabist and expert on Islam, graduated in 2000 from the University of Naples - “L’Orientale” (Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature). In 2001 he obtained a Diploma in Arabic Studies and in 2002 he obtained a Licentiate in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI) of Rome. He taught for three years at the Salesian Institute “Don Bosco” in Cairo. He collaborate since 2005 with the ISMU Foundation within the Education and Religions Sectors and as a referee of the Arab-informed service. In 2016 he obtained a PhD in Humanities, Tradition and Modernity (within the Department of Religious Sciences) at the Catholic University (Milan), where he is Teaching Assistant (Arabic Language and Islamic Studies) and Tutor within the First level Master on Sources, History, Institutions and Norms of the three Monotheistic Religions. He published with prof. Paolo Branca from Catholic University (Milan) Radici comuni. Europa e Islam, Fondazione Achille e Giulia Boroli, Milano 2007.
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