Who are the real protagonists of the revolution? At times they have remained in the shadows of the movements of the streets and now intend to gather the fruits of the audacious action of the demonstrators and to govern these States

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In the New that Advances, the Eternal Question, Angelo Scola




The New Paradigms: Good Government, Religion and Freedom of Faith, Olivier Roy

Islamism and Secularity: the Useful Ambiguity, Malika Zeghal

On the Crest of Tahrir Square, Antonios Naguib

Mubarak and the Army: Divorce Egyptian Style, Tewfik Aclimandos

Religion at the Service of the King, Madawi Al-Rasheed

An Uncertain and Painful Turning Point, Moncef Djaziri

If Arab ‘Malaise’ Shakes Europe and America, Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

The Price of the Ottoman Failure, Mark L. Movsesian

The Hard Work of the Secular Building Site, Hoda Nehmé

The Old is Inadequate, the New is Frightening, Dominique Avon

Different, but Together. Towards a New Citizenship, Salim Daccache

Beyond the Wall Between Church and State, John Witte Jr. – Justin Latterell

Unpacking the Secular Bundle, Jennifer A. Marshall




A Human Ecology also Exists, Benedict XVI

Men of Religion Together for the Good Lives of Everyone, Benedict XVI

The Task of Critique or the Return of the Repressed, Muhammad ‘Abid al-Jabri




«The Power of a State? Its Legitimacy», Antoine Messarra




Fragmented, not Eclipsed, Religion, Paolo Monti

Democracy or Chaos, Michele Brignone

From Nasser to Mubarak: a Country X-Rayed, Chiara Pellegrino

Mary: the Woman of Majesty and Beauty, Martino Diez

In Defence of a Tradition, Catherine Pinguet

Fearless Cameras and Inattentive Films, Emma Neri




Devotion and Contemplation. The Icon in Shi’ite Islam, Muhammad Ali Amir-Moezzi

The Form Disappears to Make Way for the Chosen One, Agnès-Meriem de la Croix




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