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Challenged by Tunisia, and vice versa

Mr. President,



I would like to extend our sincere thanks to you for coming today and for the words that you have expressed. In these days we have had the possibility to know the plural reality of post-revolutionary Tunisia much more closely.



This country has been very generous with us. Our stay in Tunisia has been an opportunity for great enrichment for all our participants. We have been moved by the variety of points of view to be found in your society and at the same time by the climate of freedom and the search for a real dialogue by many.



We are left with the firm conviction that, as the subheading of our meeting states, Tunisia challenges the West, in the sense that you have just mentioned, to reflect on some of the aspects of its model.



Yes, the opposite is also true. It is for this reason that we speak about a cultural relevance of the West for the Arab countries and vice versa, which for us comes into the more general concept of the mestizaje of civilisations and the role that Christians and Muslims can have in this.



Mr. President, by means of the Foundation’s instruments we are working towards a meeting between different cultures and civilisations. It has been a great honour to have you here today. Thank you!