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Dear Muslim friends,


The peace of the One God, Creator of the Universe, be upon you.



You already know that on the occasion of the yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the priests of Catholic Parishes in the town pay a visit to Christian families and to friends, to give God’s blessing upon the whole family and upon the house. It is our feast of Christmas, for us, it is Jesus that continues to come in our history.



Going from house to house to house, we also see your houses and we would be glad to meet you and your families.


Perhaps we have already met you over the years, and it is a good thing to testify together friendship, respect, and desire of prayer.


Christians and Muslims, we have the same desire to live in peace with respect and we want to overcome any kind of selfishness and violence in order to testify to the world the love that God wants among men.


We have to educate our children explaining to them what we have in common. Asking them to respect the differences we have, that only God at the end will make clear.



To discuss these and other matters we have at heart, we may meet again in the following months.


We would be very happy to have the chance to meet you and your family, God willing, to exchange greetings, prayers, and maybe we may plan together something good for our youth.



Sincerely yours.