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Declaration of the Egyptian Committee for Justice and Peace

The Egyptian Committee for Justice and Peace issued a statement attached, following the second wave of the popular Egyptian revolution 30th June 2013, in which millions of Egyptian are out by asking the withdrawal of confidence from Dr. Mohamed Morsy and call for early presidential elections.


And people affirmed these requests yesterday (July 26, 2013) by giving permission to the army in the fight against terrorism.



But in recent required developments in Egypt, which took place at dawn today, I urge and wish:



- Firstly, the range of political Islam, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to lay down arms, renounce violence, do not put young people at risk and to engage in politics for the good of the nation.



- Secondly, the army and the police: to retain the calm and do not use excessive violence, in particular, that result in the loss of the lives of some young people of this nation.



- Third, political parties and the wise men of good will in this country to apply initiatives and invite dialogue table to resolve the current crisis.



Finally, I ask you to pray for Egypt, which was the cradle of civilization and the dawn of the history of the world and now has the responsibility to confront and fight against terrorism to promote peace in the Middle East and Africa in particular and the world.




Fayez Nahal


Member of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.