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Giorgio Bernardelli, L’antisemitismo, una categoria fuori controllo.

Giorgio Bernardelli, L’antisemitismo, una categoria fuori controllo, San Paolo, 2007

Starting from a laconic reportage of current events which show the still dramatic and violent presence of antisemitism, the author's well-documented analysis highlights what he considers an urgent need to rethink antisemitism as a category, freeing it from any incorrect assumptions about its connections, so that it could be identified and, therefore, more effectively opposed. With this in mind, the author revisits the places of antisemitism, venturing an answer to why it can be now defined as an out-of-bounds category; he studies its features in the islamic panorama, wonders what would happen if Israel did not exist and considers the weight of youth education in this area. Particularly challenging towards the most "open" Western philosophies is the chapter which repositions the idea that the so-called "moderate Islam" may be the solution against fundamentalism. These pages focus on a perception that runs throughout the book: the danger of being naive about thinking (sometimes ideologically) that the complexity of such a topic as "Antisemitism and the Middle East" can be reduced to a few simplistic slogans.