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Raboue, 1/12/2012 Christmas: an appeal for reconciliation The Christmas hymn gladdens our heart as we sing it in all life’s vicissitudes; even amidst our suffering in these tragic days in our Middle East, especially in Syria. This hymn summons us to glorify God our Creator and work for peace on earth, good will and joy. Saint Paul sums un Jesus’s Nativity and mission as one of reconciliation between God and men and between nations. Christ broke down the middle wall of partition and abolished enmity between people, bringing peace, (Ephesians 2) and tasking us too with the ministry of Reconciliation. We have great need of reconciliation in our Arab world, especially in Syria, as it is this country’s only lifeline. During his visit to Lebanon to deliver the Apostolic Exhortation, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI called us to reject revenge and seek forgiveness: “Only forgiveness, given and received, can lay lasting foundations for reconciliation and universal peace.” We send festive good wishes to our friends everywhere. Thank you to all supporters of our projects and services, especially to displaced persons and victims of conflict in Syria. We invite you to pray for reconciliation, love and peace. Joyful Feast of the Nativity! Holy New Year 2013! + Gregorious III Patriarch of Antioch and All the East of Alexandria and of Jerusalem