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Iraq: where fundamentalism is destroying the people

Christians’ life in Iraq is becoming more and more difficult: present government is not able to guarantee a safe and lawful life and they have no army to defend themselves. A Christian is then someone vulnerable par excellence. In the last two years the number of attempts, threats and kidnappings has considerably increased: some recent examples are the killing of two priests in Mossul and the kidnapping of seven people in Baghdad released after the payment of a consistent ransom.


This dangerous situation has obliged Christians to leave Iraq for Jordan, Syria and Lebanon – waiting for a visa to Western countries – or move to Northern areas near Kurdistan.


I think this is not a question of Muslims against Christians, but of a kind of fundamentalism excluding and destroying the others for religious or ethnic reasons. The solution can be to improve pluralism and peaceful living, help one to consider another as an absolute value human being (after God) and collaborate in the building of a better society where everyone is respected.


Finally I put forward this proposal: to ask World Muslim League and Muslim countries’ organization to do their best to protect Iraqi and Christian people, since the Christians are extremely important in world history and Iraqi culture and feel themselves to be one hundred per cent Iraqi.