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KtoTv: a catholic television for the seekers of life's meaning

With its variety of programmes also including live broadcasts of liturgic ceremonies and celebrations, the Ktotv chain is recognized by the French Bishops’ Conference and is visible on the Internet ( Ktotv was born in 1999, by initiative of the late Cardinal Archbishop of Paris Mons. Jean-Marie Lustiger whose prophetic intuition was to provide the Catholic Church with an outstanding, effective tool allowing her to spread the Gospel’s message and its cultural implications.



In a world given to frantic and consumeristic communication and a global but paradoxically parcellized vision, where the image has become the sole visibility criterion, the need for a TV channel conveying a message loaded with Catholic values makes full sense. In fact, it is right that the Church should meet her ambition to transmit the message of a Catholicism rooted in its own time, aware of its cultural value, open to the world, yet without sacrificing its certainties and principles on the altar of a dubious relativism.




Ktotv broadcasts the office of the Hours, the Sunday evening mass, other liturgical celebrations and the rosary, as wella as all the grand ceremonies of the Holy See and the Holy Father’s official visits. Among the most interesting programmes a special mention goes to the live weekly Les mardi Bernardins, organised by the Collège des Bernardins to tackle French and international current issues.




Whether the topic is daily concerns, existential problems, or some hot issue such as bioethics, the recrudescence of the persecutions against the Christian minorities scattered worldwide or the alarming migration of Christians from the Holy Land, it is essential to be able to communicate the Church’s doctrine through a clear, passionate dialogue that helps the debate to progress peacefully and constructively, with the ultimate purpose of founding a new society.




Ktotv intends to be a modern and suitable channel for exchanging knowledge in a climate of respect, acceptance and freedom, away from communitarism, self-absorption or exclusion ; on the contrary, favouring openness and tolerance through the awareness of self and the world. Ktotv is otherwise known as a space for free expression where to communicate and exchange one’s principles whilst respecting sensitivities ; a space for the exercise of reflection, meditation, clarification in response to specific questions by its (not just) Catholic audience, in order to help them overcome the daily challenges of modern life.




Ktotv is not shy about its faith approach to interpreting reality : a base which makes this international communication tool available to anyone who is looking for up-to-date knowledge.