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Georges Anawati, L'ultimo Dialogo. La mia vita incontro all'Islam [The Ultimate Dialogue. My life: An Encounter with Islam], Marcianum Press, Venice 2010. Georges Anawati, a Dominican priest and a leading figure in Islamic Theology (Kalam), Arab Philosophy and History of the Arab Sciences (especially pharmacology), granted to two Egyptian professors, Mahmoud Azab and Hoda Issa, a long interview some months before he died, in January 1994. The interview, a mix of Colloquial Egyptian Arabic and French, was edited in the commemorative volume in Arabic, that appeared in Cairo in 1998. In it Father Anawati recalls its life commitment to Arab-Islamic culture and Christian-Islamic dialogue, while offering interesting insights in the cultural life of Egypt in the XXth Century. The present translation, preceded by an introduction of J-J Pérennès, secretary of the IDEO (Institut Dominicain d'Etudes Orientales) in Cairo, is the first in a Western language. Read here the review by P. Maurice Borrmans.