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“Life in the Shade of the Qur’an”

To understand the Book as a religion that leads men to happiness in this life and the next; expose the corruption of those who love their low desires more than God; analyse the sacred Text as a communicative relationship between God and man, to show that the Absolute reveals itself to men through their linguistic and cultural system: the approaches of three Muslim thinkers of the modern era

Writings by Ridā, Qutb, and Abū Zayd



A) Rashīd Ridā, Tafsīr al-Manār



It is not easy to talk about the Qur’anic commentary: indeed, it is perhaps one of the most serious and difficult tasks that we can undertake. But we cannot simply ignore that which is difficult: we must apply ourselves to the task, though the difficulties are legion. The greatest difficulty is that the Qur’an is heavenly Word that descended from the divine majesty, whose essence is unfathomable, onto the heart of the most perfect of the prophets. This Word is replete with exalted knowledge and argument, which only those in possession of a pure soul and a clear mind can contemplate. Whosoever sets out to examine this word is confronted with a magnificence and splendour that descends from sublime perfection, such as to fill him with awe and almost prevent him from reaching his goal. But God Almighty eased our task when he commanded us to reflect on His Word and to understand it. For He has sent down the Book as a guide and a light that reveal to men His judgments and His laws, which would remain unknowable if men could not understand it.



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