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Muslims of Europe: Between the Local and the Global

Western Islam is run through with transnational trends and pressure from states

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Cover of the biannual journal of the Oasis International Foundation, Year 14, No. 28, December 2018





The Task That Awaits Us, Felice Dassetto





European Islam: Trends and Prospects, Jørgen S. Nielsen

The Paradoxes of the Integration Debate, Uriya Shavit

Morocco on the Road to European Islam, Benjamin Bruce

Islam in Italy: from Community to Citizenship, Bartolomeo Conti

Fatwas: Mirrors of Islamic Religiosity in Europe, Wael Farouq

Salafism in the UK. The Reasons for its Success, Sadek Hamid

The Conditions for Multicultural Cohabitation, Francesco Botturi





The Synthesis of a Sheikh and a Doctor, Martino Diez

Spanning Two Cultures, Taha Hussein





When Dangers Become Opportunities, Ignazio de Francesco





The Controversies that Are Changing Europe, Chiara Pellegrino

A Plea for an Unbigoted Islam, Baptiste Brodard

Where European Muslims Are Trained, Michele Brignone

If Jihad Takes God’s Place, Sofia Volpi

How Cinema is Normalizing Islam, Emma Neri






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