Western Islam is run through with transnational trends and pressure from states

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The Task That Awaits Us, Felice Dassetto




European Islam: Trends and Prospects, Jørgen S. Nielsen

After the attacks of 2015 and 2016, jihadist radicalization once more catalysed the attention of the media, the political world and the security services. The Muslim presence in Europe is characterized by a multiplicity of currents and movements, however.


The Paradoxes of the Integration Debate, Uriya Shavit

The disputes over the compatibility of Islamic norms with the laws in force on the Continent are multiplying within European societies. The reality is nevertheless more complicated than the dichotomous representations emerging from these controversies would suggest.


Morocco on the Road to European Islam, Benjamin Bruce

The idea of a "Moroccan exception" has been belied by the Casablanca attacks in 2003. Nevertheless, thanks to a series of reforms in the religious field, Morocco seems to have re-appropriated its image of potential model and is trying to export it to Europe as well.


Islam in Italy: from Community to Citizenship, Bartolomeo Conti

The shift in the Muslim migrants' religious affiliation from the private sphere to the public one has been marked by an evolution in the meaning to be attributed to the word "community", with the old one now being called into question by a new generation of Muslims.


Fatwas: Mirrors of Islamic Religiosity in Europe, Wael Farouq

For today's Muslims, websites constitute a form of religious authority. The content of the questions they ask these portals demonstrates that what is driving them is a normative vision of religion.


Salafism in the UK. The Reasons for its Success, Sadek Hamid

With its claim to constitute an autentic religiosity, Salafism exerts a strong power of fascination over the younger generations of European Muslims, to whom it seems able to offer ethical certainty in a confused and rapidly changing world.


The Conditions for Multicultural Cohabitation, Francesco Botturi

Facing the failure of the models used so far to tackle the problem of multiculturalism, the way out lies in the adoption of a relational anthropology: That is to say, there is a need to rethink the figure of the other in relational terms that allow identity and difference to be reconciled.





The Synthesis of a Sheikh and a Doctor, Martino Diez

Spanning Two Cultures, Taha Hussein

A young Egyptian, who is destined to become a great intellectual, encounters the modern university, first in Cairo and then in France. It is an experience that broadens his horizons without making him forget his origins.





When Dangers Become Opportunities, Ignazio de Francesco

A monk accompanies Muslim detainees in a rediscovery of their religious and cultural heritage. This experience has given birth to an education project, a documentary and a radicalization-prevention programme that is being exported throughout Europe.





The Controversies that Are Changing Europe, Chiara Pellegrino

As Islam's public visibility is increasing so are the disputes.


A Plea for an Unbigoted Islam, Baptiste Brodard

An imam writes to a young Frenchman and invites Muslims to "wake up".


Where European Muslims Are Trained, Michele Brignone

The inclusion of Muslim theology in the universities of the Old Continent.


If Jihad Takes God’s Place, Sofia Volpi

A historical sociology of the jihadist phenomenon.


How Cinema is Normalizing Islam, Emma Neri

Spectacular endings and role reversals in the films on Muslims of the West.






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