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Not an Era of Change, but a Change of Era

A conference held during the project "Understanding Mestisaje", at the Catholic University of Milan

Research Project 2016

The project on which the Oasis Foundation is working, “Not an Era of Change, but a Change of Era”, is realized thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo.



The research addresses specifically the current changes taking place within Islam, and it develops along two axes: the growing Muslim presence in Europe, and the conflict between different interpretations of religion, a conflict that is leaving a deep mark on the contemporary Islamic world.



The project is realized by a team of researchers and involves a network of international experts. The texts that we propose here synthetize some of the paths walked by the researchers: the relationship between “Islamic Values” and “European Values”, the evolution of Italian Islam, the relationship between the Church and Islam in Italy.



[Articles are in Italian]



The Compatibility Between Islam and Europe, by Ida Zilio-Grandi



From Islam in Italy to an Italian Islam, by Bartolomeo Conti



Multi-Religious Europe: a Challenge to the Church, by Andrea Pacini



Conciliation Between Islam and the West. Questions and Answers of Muslims, by Wael Farouq




  • The first workday was held on May 30 this year, and was moderated by the French sociologist Leïla Babès.
  • The following meeting Europe and Italy: a Changing Islam was held on September 22, with the sociologist and anthropologist Felice Dassetto, from the Catholic University of Leuven, and Professor Jørgen S. Nielsen, from the Birmingham University.
  • A closed-door meeting was held on November 2; professor Joas Wagemakers has been our guest, and he delved into the topic of Salafism and its relationship with the history of Islam.
  • The final and closing meeting will take place on November 23. More details will follow.




During this project, Oasis has published so far one issue of its biannual journal; the next one is scheduled at the end of 2016, and is a work in progress.










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