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In Search of a Leader. Authority in Contemporary Islam

Research project 2017

Thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo, Oasis launches in 2017 the project "In Search of a Leader. Authority in Contemporary Islam" The project tackles the issue of Islamic leadership in Europe on two levels:




  1. Background: How Islamic authority functions from a diachronic and comparative prospective;

  3. Focus: The case study of Europe. Who guides European Muslims in the formation of their religious opinions and how could these representatives be interlocutors for European institutions.



The aim of the one-year long research project is to provide concrete indications relative to the institutional organisation of an Italian Islam and hopefully regarding the education of religious leaders, in light of a future issue, which would eventually be part of the national debate, on religious Islamic education in public schools.



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From our archives



Islam in Bosnia and its Institutional Face, Martino Diez



On the Empire’s Periphery: the ‘Good’ in Albania, Maria Laura Conte




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