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The Courageous Option, if the Will to Live Prevails

This article was published in Oasis 15. Read the table of contents

Last update: 2019-06-18 14:49:41

‘While the objective conditions of cultural exchange are far from forming a level playing field today, it remains true that although the extent of the challenges we face can push us to retreat into rigid positions, it can also stimulate us into making courageous choices. In spite of everything there are three areaswhere encouragementmay be found for us to lookwith hope to the future: in the Arab demographical pyramid, where young people make up the most numerous class, a class naturally open to adventure, to discovery, and to tackling problems, in the potential offered by modern means of communication and knowledge for us to be in immediate contact with what is happening in the rest of the world, in the gamble that Arab societies will be able to learn from their difficulties and delusions. The desperate condition of Arab culture in its religious dimension is not an ineluctable destiny, and destiny can only respond, as our poet said, if the will to live is what prevails’. The Arab Culture in the Crossing of Cultures, December 2004. Contents and photo report are not available yet. Buy the issue or subscribe to read all the articles.