Venice June 2006

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:51:12

Whereas the original revelation of Islam was in harmony with the times and places of the Prophet, today's Muslims have to reinterpret that revelation in a modern language in line with the questions of their time. The thought of the Egyptian philosopher Hassan Hanafi begins with this observation and in Venice on 9 June 2006 he inaugurated the new series of meetings on 'The Theology of Liberation in Islam' organised by the Province of Venice, the Foundation for Subsidiarity and the Venice International University. On 29-20 June, also in Venice, the Cini Foundation organised a conference entitled 'Building Democracy: a Mediterranean Project' on the relationship between Islam, democracy and rights. Some of the most prestigious intellectuals and scholars of the Islamic and Western worlds (e.g. the poet Adonis Sadik Al-Azm; the Iraqi poetess Amal Al Juburi; the Egyptian philosopher Hasan Hanafi; Francesca Corrao of the Oriental University of Naples; and David Rasmussen, President of the Department of Philosophy of the Boston College of Massachusetts, took part in the proceedings, which were concluded by the Secretary of the PDS, Piero Fassino.