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Unknown enemies. Al-Qaeda and the others: What do we really know about new terrorism?

Decapitations, kamikazes, aeroplanes turned into bombs….in the wave of violence which for years now has been shaking the word there is something that we do not fully understand. What, therefore, is this new reality? How can it be decoded?

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The Ways of Mission, Christoph Schönborn

The Dreamer of Kosovo Who Loves his People, Angelo Scola




Al-Qaeda and the Others. An Inquiry into an Unknown Enemy

The New Politics of the Old Guillotine, Henri Hude

In the Mind of the Warrior-Martyr, Brian Michael Jenkins

The Economy of Asymmetric and Global Fear, Carlo Jean

The ‘Fourth Option’ in Three Stages, Jean-Loup Francart

The Forbidden Kite and the Kidnapping of Aldo Moro, Oliver Roy

The Deceptive Challenge of the Verses, Mohammed Arkoun

An Islam, with Many Voices, Paolo Branca

In the Mystery of the Revolutionary Brothers, Kamil William Samaan

A Road to Enter the New Century, Jean Clément Jeanbart

The Great Democracy of Killed Leaders, Cyriac Thomas

Clash of Civilisations or Clash within Civilisations?, Paolo Terenzi




Words are Highly Influential in the Education of the Mind, Benedict XVI

The Power of God and the Power of the World, Benedict XVI

Augustine. A Great Fresco at the Twilight of Antiquity

When the Gods Turned their Backs on the Empire, Luigi Alici

The Order of Love in the City of Men, St. Augustin




Healing the Wounded Soul of Afghanistan, Camille Eid




A Thousand Civilisations and a ThousandQuestions. A Mosaic Called Indonesia, Maria Laura Conte




Medieval Flashes of Light of Islamic Philosophy, Rémi Brague

Time and the Text: at the Heart of the Theological Debate, H’mida Ennaifer

Christians with the Obligation of a Low Profile, Paul Hinder

The Shadow of the Constitution over the Future of Iraq, Joseph Yacoub

The Church of the Arabs: a Special Responsibility, Gregorios III Laham

Many Kings, Few Wars and a Long Co-existence, Musie Ghebreghiorghis

Notes on Christian Anthropology, Javier Prades




If the Spanish Left Reflects on Evil, José Francisco Serrano Oceja

The Black Book of Anti-Christian Hate, Joacquìn Allende

Immigrant Families: Another Story Completely, Giuliana Galeotti

Being and Life, Biology and the Person, Giacomo Samek Lodovici

The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopian Christianity, Martino Diez

Terrorism is in the DNA of our Time. As is the Desperate Need to Explain it, Emma Neri



Discovering Christian Ethiopia, Osvaldo Raineri




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