Oasis brings its international network together and looks at future challenges

Last update: 2022-04-22 08:57:42

The last plenary meeting of the Oasis Scientific Board was held in Sarajevo in 2014. The centenary of World War I’s outbreak was the starting point for a reflection on the connections between religion, violence and reconciliation.

Three years later, the Scientific Board gathers in Villa Cagnola, Gazzada Schianno, with guests arriving from many countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Spain. The Foundation brings its international network together to strengthen the research activities on the project Searching for a guide. Authority and leadership in contemporary Islam, realized with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo. The discussion, reserved for members of the Scientific Committee and the guests, will be entitled: Beyond ISIS. Authority and freedom in contemporary Islam.

The Foundation's Scientific Board meeting coincides with the release in bookstores and on all digital platforms of issue number 25 of Oasis Journal - Who speaks for Muslims. The West looks for a single interlocutor, but authority in Islam is pluri-centric - focusing on one of our research topics of the year: leadership in the Islamic world.

Here you can download the participants’ biographies.