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On Friday, October 2 at 6pm, the fifth meeting of the Understanding Hybridization, Governing Change project will be held with the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation. Sometimes it might sound like a category that is now obsolete due to the not always authentic practice that has distinguished it. Yet interreligious dialogue continues to assert itself in history as an inevitable road to be followed all the way, despite hardships and misunderstandings. Starting from a new position: how much does the encounter with the other change me, before it changes the other? How important is it within a religious tradition to enter into a real comparison with another? Thinking about the relationship between Christians and Muslims, the question has becomes particularly pressing today. These issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Understanding Hybridization, Governing Change project related to the area of research on "Islamic-Christian Dialogue", to be held at the Collegio San Carlo (Corso Magenta, 71 - Milan) on October 2, 2015 at 18:00. This meeting, organised in collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Biblioteca Ambrosiana and COREIS, is a preview of the ‘The Other Side of the Crescent’ initiative. Explaining ourselves and letting ourselves explain. What is the purpose of interreligious dialogue Speakers: Bassam Tibi, University of Goettingen Amer Al-Hafi, The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, Amman Don Andrea Pacini, coordinator of the “Islamic-Christian Dialogue” issue of the Understanding Hybridization, Governing Change project Moderated by: Giorgio Bernardelli, journalist for Mondo e Missione